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          betway88_betway必威官网手机版「」 was established in 1953 with the original name of Department of Precision Instruments. It is one of the earliest institutions in China to engage in teaching and researching in Optical Engineering. Currently the school is composed of four research institutes, one experiment center and one experiment base, namely, Research Institute of Optoelectronic instrument, Research Institute of Optoelectronic information and Color Science, Research Institute of Optoelectronics, Research Institute of Optoelectronic Imaging and Information Engineering, Optoelectronic Teaching Experiment Center, Innovative Education and Experiment Base of Optoelectronics. 
          We now have 138 faculty members, include one academician, 37 full professors and 49 associate professors, while the student body has 780 undergraduate students, 375 Master candidates and 241 Ph. D candidates. Through continuous and concerted research in basic theory, applied technology and system engineering, we have been funded plenty of projects from NSFC, National High Tech Programs, Important National Science & Technology Specific Projects. Besides, academic exchanging programs and contracted projects were established and performed with renowned universities, research institutes and industries. The average research funding is 70 million RMB per year. Many outstanding scholars and scientists have been appointed as our honorary or guest professors. 
          Our distinctive four-year undergraduate degree program leads to Bachelor of Science in engineering degree in three majors: Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Optical Information and Technology (including remote sensing science and technology), Electronic Science and Technology (mainly on Optoelectronics). 
          Our graduate program is involving three majors: Instrument Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, Optical Engineering. The program emphasizes high quality in graduate education and research and prepares students for a variety of careers in research and advanced development. 
          Currently the school owns two 2 National Key Disciplines plus 1 Provincial Key Discipline. We are offering 59 undergraduate courses, 61 graduate courses and one undergraduate course of teaching in English. One course was awarded as National Level Excellent Course.

          The school owns one National Key Discipline Specific Laboratory “Color Science and Engineering”, one Open Laboratory of Ministry of Education of China “Information Optics Fundamental”, one Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education of China “Photoelectric Imaging Technology and System”.
          The school has actively dedicated to international education and academic exchanges, established long and steady cooperative relations with many universities abroad, such as: University of Rochester, New York University, Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, The University of Leeds, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University. Plenty of international conferences have been hosted. 8 students abroad have been studying in the school, including 6 graduate students and 2 undergraduate student.


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