Mark Kelly Buys an AR-15

Written by Ro Chambeau on Mar 10th, 2013.

Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, and part of the new gun control movement in his “Americans For Responsible Solutions” political advocacy organization just purchased an AR-15 at a Tucson gun store according to Breitbart News.  Read the article here:  Mark Kelly purchases AR-15

Breitbart also followed up with further information on the purchase and a perspective on Kelly’s testfying before the Colorado legislature for gun control the day before the March 5th purchase.

March 6th, day after he reportedly purchased the AR-15 and other accessories, he spoke at the Safeway where the shooting took place about his gun control agenda.



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  1. o says:

    He said he bought it to show how the background check wasn’t burdensome. But suppose the background check computer was down that day? They go down a lot, often on gun show weekends. The latest case: November’s “Black Friday” sales promo.

    Now imagine that the liberals’ wet dream has come true (since 1968) and you have to get the government’s OK to buy a gun – the “universal” (not) background check is in effect. All a future fuhrer (he may be here now) has to do is declare a National Emergency, real or bogus, and shuts down the computers for “public safety” as Los Angeles did during their riots. Viola! An instant gun ban for those who need one NOW. It won’t stop the criminals though. They will use that Emergency to prey on those gullible people who thought the authorities would protect them.

    Notice too, that when a citizen buys this semi-automatic version, it is an “assault rifle”, but when the government (Homeland Defense) buys 6,000 fully-automatic versions, they are “Personal Defense Weapons”. Indeed, some are more equal than others.

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