Kozachik raises $10K, Taxpayers hosed for $1M

Written by Ro Chambeau on Jan 12th, 2013.

Tucson City Councilman Steve “Lost Koz” Kozachik took office in 2009.  He did some good things then inexplicably declared war on the state legislature and some sort of personal crusade against state Senator Frank Antenori.  The same week he raised ten grand for a publicity stunt city gun purchase, Tucson taxpayers receive a $1M hosing.  Guess which event got more media coverage?

Coincidentally he’s just switched to be a Democrat.

Kozachik has spent the last two years name calling and whining about Antenori and/or the Legislature on several issues, the latest being that the state is the authority on gun laws.  Kozachik wants the City of Tucson to have control over gun laws in the city limits, something that is governed by state law.  Once again, the city has spent its time fighting the Legislature instead of doing the one and only thing we ask them to do:  effectively run the city.  So in that regard he fits right in with his newfound Democrat BFF’s.

Kozachik took office in 2009.  In June 2010, there was a massive water line break (spilling 11 million gallons of water, the size of the Exxon Valdez spill) in the Union Pacific yard that not only damaged Union Pacific  property but caused an extensive hazardous materials disaster when the water ”washed out an oil-water separator and repair pit” causing the dumping of “diesel fuel, oil-based lubricants and other contaminants” into the rail yard and into a wash.  Did you hear about this before this week?  Me neither.  Tucson is so environmentally conscious, isn’t it?

The spill was caused by the City of Tucson’s error.  Tucson incorrectly told the railroad that it was OK to dig where a 30 inch water main was.  Spoiler alert:  it wasn’t OK to dig there.  The railroad sued for $1.3M, the city just settled for $1.0M.

So, while Kozachik has spent his time railing against the state Legislature, and raising $10,000 in private donations for a City of Tucson gun purchase program, Tucson taxpayers take a hit to the wallet of $1 million bucks for the City of Tucson yet again not paying attention to the basics.

Is the spill Kozachik’s fault?  The bungled city actions that he used to complain about are now happening on his watch.  Consider this:  the $10K raised for the gun “buyback” and Kozachick’s move to the Democratic Party got a whole lot of press this week while the taxpayers lost 1oo times that due to city mismanagment.  Again.

Consider this as well:  according to the article, Tucson will pay the $1,000,000 settlement to Union Pacific out of its self-insurance fund.  You remember the City of Tucson’s self-insurance fund, don’t you?  The self insurance fund that they have been raiding and underfunding since 2001.  Apparently, City Hall refers to the self-insuarance fund as “the money tree”.

This is on top of roads that have been grossly neglected ($2B worth) and public safety that has been underfunded to the point of assaults at the public library being deprioritized to the point that they have to lock their doors to keep combatants out.

What else has Kozachik been spending his time on?  Well, he commemorated a mass murder and attempted assasination of a congresswoman with a roast No, not a potuck, the Dean Martin kind of roast. Really.  It was also going to be a town hall but now nobody in the audience was allowed to talk.

Kozachik started off so well.  Now he’s gone native with the Council majority.  Tucsonans are asked to trade $10K of “feel good” for another $1M literally washed down the river.  Welcome to the Democratic Party, Steve.

1 Response for “Kozachik raises $10K, Taxpayers hosed for $1M”

  1. Veritas Vincit says:

    Kozachik has begun a war Tucson cannot win. TPD also shredded the 206 firearms collected today, and that will cost Tucson more than they can imagine.

    Tucson must be flush with funds because over 40 TEP officers were summoned to the guns for gift card stunt. That’s a lot of crime that was being ignored while police were interfering with lawful citizens offering to buy for more than a gift card the guns being turned in.

    Dumb Tucson, dumb Tucson… again.

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