Steve Kozachik–Hypocrite of the Year? Updated, he endorses misogyny too!

Written by Ro Chambeau on Oct 15th, 2012.


Steve Kozachik

We know it’s barely mid October but a clear leader is emerging in Gila Courier’s Hypocrite of the Year competition:  Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik.

Steve was featured on Arizona Illustrated, a taxpayer funded program filmed on his employer’s taxpayer funded campus, shot with taxpayer funded cameras and broadcast on taxpayer funded transmission equipment, on a taxpayer funded network broadcast over taxpayer owned airwaves railing about Frank Antenori drawing pay for 20 years as a soldier and, now, a soldier’s hard earned retirement.  That takes a lot of balls, Steve.

I am sure that Tucson residents who have served in the military will rest assured knowing that their city councilman thinks they have somehow milked the government.

But Kozachik didn’t stop there, oh no.  Kozachik transitioned from tone deafness to hypocrisy when he went on to say that Antenori is running a “campaign of intimidation.”  Of course he didn’t bother citing any specifics.  Which is, again, kind of amazing.  Because like Pete Hershberger, Steve Kozachik is a co-chair of “Republicans for Carmona”.  Richard Carmona is running for US Senate and there are several specific accusations about him published in articles and sworn testimony to Congress.  Democrats such as Ann-Eve Pedersen, Dennis DeConcini, and Raul Grijalva have written and acknowledged that Richard Carmona leads by intimidation as well as levelling some pretty serious complaints against Carmona

Kozachik must know that there is more about Carmona’s temperament, this time from the Oct 4 issue of the Arizona Republic

However, questions about the way Carmona has treated colleagues did not end  when he became surgeon general.

In May, Politico reported allegations against Carmona made in secret 2007  testimony before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee by Cristina  Beato, who oversaw the surgeon general in her role as acting assistant secretary  of health. According to the transcript of her testimony, Beato said Carmona “has  problems with women” and “had a very difficult time having a female Hispanic  supervisor.”0

Beato, a single mother, also alleged that twice Carmona pounded on h0er door  after midnight in an effort to resume ongoing arguments and that she felt  threatened by his behavior. Beato and Carmona both resided on the National  Institutes of Health campus in Maryland.

Kozachik likes it rough from the Left but not from the Right.  He condemns a Republican for being assertive while co-chairing a campaign for a Dem accused more than being assertive.

Maybe Antenori should have pounded on the door of a female supervisor after midnight to gain Steve K’s respect.

Jeff "Tar and Feather 'em" Rogers

Interesting also that the Dems, including Jeff Rogers, Pima County Democratic Party Chairman also are playing this card.  He jumped all over it in the Arizona Illustrated chair this week too.  Jeff, who has some bothersome temperament issues, recently called for three TUSD Board members to be “Tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail” because he didn’t agree with them.  Calling for physical violence and ostracizing those who don’t agree with you?  That’s some civility and respect for other opinions, now isn’t it?



Updated:  Looks like there is more trouble for Steve Kozachik’s case of “Antenori Bad, Carmona Good”

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  1. Pima PC says:

    Kozachik used the time and treasure of local Republicans to get elected, and now turns his back on the Party and endorses Democrats. He calls this a “Big Tent” but evidently doesn’t understand that the Republican Big Tent does not include Democrats, especially liberals.

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