The Star’s omelet problem, Hershberger’s bully problem

Written by Ro Chambeau on Oct 13th, 2012.

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs, unless you are a Republican–then the Daily Star comes after you.

Thursday in the Arizona Daily Star, Tim Steller wrote a hit piece on state Senator Frank Antenori, which weakly tried to portray an “exodus” of Republican support for Antenori.  Antenori is the Senate Majority Whip which certainly indicates support from the Republican caucus.  The article didn’t bother mentioning he is in a leadership position in the State Senate.

Steller cited a few people, some of whom donate to and support Democrats as well as Republicans who had written checks to Antenori’s opponent, David Bradley.

Hershberger: Taking the bully by the horns

The article also said that former State Representative, and serial Democrat endorser, Pete Hershberger is “working hard” to support David Bradley.  Herschberger said his “greatest complaint” with Antenori is his “style”.  The article has this quote from Hershberger, who is apparently unclear that the job of majority whip is to be the party’s enforcer:  “He’s the bully of the Legislature,” Hershberger said. “Everything is a fight to him, and you’re either with him, or you’re not.”  Yes, Pete, that’s what they elected him to do as majority whip.

You think Pete would really hate Democratic US Senate candidate Richard Carmona, who has quite a bit of a reputation as a bully, with some very serious allegations over the course of his career.  Hold the presses here…Pete is not just supporting Carmona, he is a “co-chair” of “Republicans for Carmona”.  There is some hypocrisy.

There were articles about Carmona years ago about his argumentative, sometimes abrasive style.  Articles about Carmona ran in 2002 when Carmona was being considered for the Surgeon General position and Democrats such as Ann Eve Pedersen were trying to derail his appointment.

More recently, like October 4th recently, the Arizona Republic ran an article where local Dems such as former US Sen. Dennis DeConcini and current US Rep. Raul Grijalva play off Carmona’s temper and forceful style as the marks of leadership, a “take charge guy”, and Grijalva said that having a turbulent personality is part of “making the omelet.”

Funny how Dems, and Pete, like a strong personality if it’s one of their own.  Even one like Carmona who allegedly pounds on his bosses door after midnight to continue work disagreements.

After reading the linked articles, it seems like Hershberger is calling the wrong person a bully.

Pete’s love/hate relationship with strong personalities is his problem.

What the public’s problem with all this is that our one local daily paper, The Star’s “senior” reporter Tim Steller don’t bother calling out Hersberger on his self-contradiction.  Bias?  Incomplete reporting?

The Star article went on list Steve Kozachik and Laura Almquist as Repbulican defectors from Antenori.

Koz is another serial Dem endorser and a quick search of Almquist’s state donations lists Nancy Young Wright, Planned Parenthood, Yes on 204 sales tax increase, Andrea Dalessandro, Cheryl Cage, and Governor Napolitano.  There’s some real GOP bona fides.  Another fact that the Daily Star omitted.

So, in the Daily Star’s logic, an “exodus” is four people:  three of Gov. Brewers folks and Don Diamond.  How they can make a case for Hershberger, Almquist, and Kozachik being defectors is weak at best.

Meanwhile, let’s remember when Tim Steller described his own misrepresentation as “Irony Journalism”.

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  1. Pima PC says:

    I want to know which Republican is endorsed by Hershberger.

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