Jeff Rogers Getting Tar on Himself

Written by Ro Chambeau on Jan 29th, 2012.

The Chairman of the Pima County Democrats, Jeff “Disagree With Me and I’ll Tar and Feather You” Rogers, stepped in it big time last week on the one year anniversary of the Civility Era when he called for elected officials to be tarred and feathered because their views differed from his.

Well, the Arizona Daily Star actually called him out as a hypocrite on the subject of civility–wonders never cease.  Rogers’ reaction was that since he speaking metaphorically, it’s OK to incite physical aggression against elected officials.  Papa Todd had an interesting take on that.  Rogers had a chance in the Star to back off on his words and said that he’s “fine with what he wrote”, according to the Star.

He’s already changing his story.  Monday on the John C. Scott show he said that his comments were not intended for public dissemination (just like Anthony Weiner), and, as predicted by Gila Courier, he blamed it on his Facebook account being hacked by an “interloper”.   Sweet!

Meanwhile, at least one of Rogers targets of tar and feathering, Michael Hicks, has called for Rogers to step down.  Thank you, Arizona Daily Independent.

“…This community which has suffered so much and has learned so much as a result of
the tragic events of last January cannot allow a person in a position of
authority to call for violence against its elected officials or any citizen.
Therefore, I believe it is incumbent on you, as one of the highest elected
officials in the Pima County Democratic Party, to demand the resignation of Mr.

His irresponsible and hate-filled actions do not serve this
community as a whole, including the students in our public schools who rely on
School Board members who must perform their civic duties free from intimidation
and t[h]reats….” (TUSD Board Member Michael Hicks in a letter to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords)

Expect these calls to continue and grow.  Rogers has not apologized or distanced himself from any of his remarks given at least two opportunities.  Dems claimed to be upset about Sarah Palin’s imagery.  How do they interpret an express call for physical assault directly from their leader?  Especially whe he’s the one who cited the “danger” of overheated rhetoric and the lack of civility!

Will Jeff Rogers soon become a distraction to his party’s candidates who suddenly find themselves running for two elections in a newly open congressional seat, an open US Senate seat, Pima County Supervisors, and several new Legislative Districts?  Certainly his timing could not have been much worse.

Well, things just seem to be getting interestinger and interestinger.  Now Rogers is being called out as a tinhorn.  In the Tucson Weekly, of all places, and by a Democrat.  Oopsie.  Things may not be so happy in Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

In sum, the Chair is to administrate the Party, raise money and groom potential candidates.  The Chair is also a member of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is allowed and authorized to express policy position on issues of local, state, and national import. Nowhere, however, in the bylaws, is the Chair authorized to decide who is, and who is not, Democrat enough for the Party’s taste.  Nowhere in the bylaws do the words “Chair” and “duly appointed demagogue” appear within the same sentence.

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