Ruth McClung, White Bread?

Written by Thumper on Nov 1st, 2010.

A last minute mailer went out in CD-7.

This is what people found in their mailbox:

Do you see it?

Yup. White Bread.

Who paid for this, you ask?

Well, the “Campaign for Community Change“, whose Board of Directors is made up of 2 Members of the AFL-CIO, 1 Member of the SEIU, and 1 Member of the UFCW.

Nothing like playing the last minute race card through your union buddies to show you just how desperate the Grijalva campaign has become.

Fitting to use the bread analogy, though, because after tomorrow? Well, Grijalva’s congressional career…


11 Responses for “Ruth McClung, White Bread?”

  1. Cruz says:

    This is just raul, you’re a low life

  2. Cruz says:

    I was so worked up

    This just wrong raul, You’re A Low Life.

  3. Cabeza de Muerto says:

    Wow, that whole diversity thing is a one way street, isn’t it?

    That is just unbelieveable. And sad.

    I hope Grijalva get’s crushed at the polls, would serve him and his supporters right for this.

  4. Muchacho Sin Nombre says:

    The Democrats all seem to all be getting in on the racism tonight. Rum Romanism and Rebellion is showing his true colors…called out “whitebacks” in a post called “stunning developments” and one of his commenters referred to Hispanics as “beaners”.


  5. BettsAZ says:

    Never has a loaf of white bread been so appealing!…On my way to vote for RUTH!!!

  6. Charlie W says:

    Hmm, where is Sally at now?

  7. Donna says:

    Sally? Busy throwing rocks through car windows.

  8. Brian The Extremist says:

    Pathetic. The true racists are in the Democrat party.

  9. Henry says:

    Screw them. Go Ruth, GO!!!

  10. sally says:

    Sorry, I was busy helping democrats take CD 7 and CD 8 didn’t you hear. Told you I was going to make a difference. All you racists…especially the one that thinks because I am of color I would vandalize a car by throwing rocks….it didn’t take a rocket scientist to show your true colors. Mi casa es tu Casa No Mas.

  11. sally says:

    Use a stereotype to insult someone = racist.
    I guess all you guys can go back to wearing your sheets. When are you going to learn that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Your biggest mistake was to underestimate me. na na na na na. :)

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