Blood on the floor – AZ GOP AG debate

Written by Gila on Jun 23rd, 2010.

The Republican candidates for Arizona Attorney General debated each other on Tuesday evening. Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas went first with his opening statement. He immediately went on the attack against current Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne. The debate heated up from there and they never looked back.

4 Responses for “Blood on the floor – AZ GOP AG debate”

  1. Charlie W says:

    Man, Andrew Thomas comes across as a jerk.

  2. Hello Folks, I like Charlie W.’s comment, also Andrew Thomas is being investigated by the FBI, I encourage folks to see in the debate videos how Andrew Thomas uses his evil tactics to be arguementive and again that shows his education level, very dense……….. Anyhow folks when voting be smart, be selective go to and vote Tom Horne for Attorney General 2010– YEAH FOR TOM HORNE- YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly S.MIles- :)

  3. Trodel Post says:

    Can we get two new Republican candidates? Man, I’d like to see the quality of candidates in the AG race as you have in the CD-8 race over the past two years. Bee, Paton, Miller, Kelly all would be better choices than either of these guys.

    Given Horne’s stance against TUSD’s La Raza program, I’ll have to go with him.
    Go team.

  4. Jim L says:

    Yes, the CD-8 race has quality candidates… See for yourself!

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