What some PC’s did tonight…

Written by Thumper on Feb 19th, 2010.

While the majority of Republican PC’s enjoyed their evening at the Manning House for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner…

…Several Precinct Committeemen, along with other fellow Independent Conservatives gathered on Congress St.  to let their feelings be known:

The organizer of the protest had this to say regarding the event:


I am a Precinct Committeeman against the re-election of John McCain. I organized this event because McCain’s voting record goes directly against the core ideas that are fueling the conservative revolution and the tea party movement. The Republican Party PC numbers have increased significantly because people like me have entrusted them to stand strong with conservative principles. However, when they headline John McCain as their main speaker to the annual “2010 Lincoln Day Dinner” to honor these Precinct Committeemen, a man who has so many times gone against these principles, it makes we wonder if they are truly paying attention to what is driving their new found success.

Senator McCain may change his platforms around election time, but he cannot change his voting history. I feel that it is important to send a clear message to the GOP that supporting this type of behavior is no longer acceptable and we the people of the Republican Party are tired of politics as usual – and we want a party that we can be proud of.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank each and every person who came out and protested by my side. It is great people like yourselves, who have the courage to stand up for what you believe in, that will affect change within the Republican Party and the Nation!


Jill Henderson
Republican Precinct Committeeman
Precinct 219

(via Facebook)

*photo courtesy of Peter Schmugge, PC, LD 25 who was also in attendance (see, I told you I would mention your name, too)

26 Responses for “What some PC’s did tonight…”

  1. No McCain says:

    Great job Jill!!

  2. Rob Haney says:

    God bless Jill. A woman of courage standing up for her party and country. Let the truth about John McCain be known and the voters will pull the lever for Hayworth. But do not depend on the liberal media force to do it. It will be another massive effort by the Tea Party that will topple the McCain forked tongued propagandists.


    McCain is a RINO GLOBALIST for big business. He does not care that 15 MILLION AMERICANS ARE UNEMPLOYED and another 15 million are Underemployed. He just wants the cheap labor (illegal aliens) for his big business cronies. G-d forbid voting for him is like voting for Bush to destroy our nation. Mexico is sending their trojan horses up here and have their own agenda to take over after they drain the U.S. (one of the politicians even stated when asked how Mexico was going to drain the U.S. He said, “One piece at a time!” Get rid of the RINOS and get “we the people” running our gov’t again. Mandate the “E-Verify System” for ALL employers and without a job, all the illegals will go home and Americans can get their jobs back! No One World Gov’t traitors! Thank you Jill!

  4. Steve says:

    This was the wrong event at which to hold a protest. Senators Kyl and McCain came to the Pima GOP Lincoln Day Dinner to honor the PCs for their work over the last year, not to campaign. Save it for the next time he’s in town campaigning. But don’t detract from an evening that is meant to honor the Republican grassroots.

  5. Thumper says:

    Steve -

    Actually, out of respect for her fellow PC’s, Jill moved the protest *away* from the Manning House, where it was originally scheduled to be held, to McCain’s office on Congress Street 2 blocks away.

    Apparently, Roy Warden, (who has a political beef with just about everyone), came to the rally to protest against Jill and those that gathered that her protest was NOT at the Manning House. From what I heard from people at this event – after harassing quite a few of the people gathered on Congress Street, he along with a handful of people chose to walk down to the Manning House. If you want to be upset at anyone for anything that happened there – it was all Mr. Warden.

  6. Madaline says:

    Jill, It sounds like you did every thing right and I applaud you and all of the others for moving the protest. It is easy for Steve to make the argument that this Event was not about McCain and there fore he should have been given a pass last night. I do not agree with that Steve and please don’t be fooled by McCain. He sees which way the wind is blowing and if I heard correctly from my friends in Arizona said he has not attended many of these Events in the past.

    Every thing McCain does from this point forward is him doing what he feels is in his best interest period. He is the same RINO doing the same thing he always does. He is reaching across the aisle to the Tea Party movement to get the votes he needs. His record is what he will be judged on.

    Here in Wisconsin I am letting every one know about J.D. Hayworth and they love what they are hearing. He has the support here and I will be putting this on my facebook today. And thank you Peter for keeping me in the loop with this!

  7. Peter "TheBigShmoog" Schmugge says:

    Thanks Thumper, that is exactly what happened. Roy Warden showed up, and like usual, tried to make the rally his own. After realizing that no one wanted him there (which is also usually the case)…he took off to make an ass of himself over at Manning House. Several people, myself included, tried to tell him that going over there would not accomplish anything beyond pissing off a bunch of people – but the wrong bunch of people.

    See Roy, the people at that event have pretty much made up their minds as to who they are going to vote for in the primary – yelling at them through a bullhorn will not change their mind. Instead, those of us that went to Congress St,, went with the intention of raising awareness that McCain has to win the Primary first…and that is not a guaranteed win. Even McCain knows that his work is cut out for him this time, why else campaign against JD so strongly weeks before he even enters the race? All we wanted to do was let the voting public, the people who will chose their nominee, to know that McCain is not the Golden Child of Arizona, that there are people who see him as representing everything that has gone wrong in the Party for the past 12 years…

    BTW – Roy, one does not win an argument by yelling into another’s ear with the bullhorn. You know you slinked off over to the Manning House because I won that little discussion re: just because you have the *right* to make an ass of yourself, it’s not necessarily the *smartest* choice. But if that works for you, keep it up. The rest of us know that your tactic of late (since very few want to associate with you anymore), is to hijack other people’s events. Just a little FYI: it’s not a good idea to lose the support of those that may just come to your aid, in the interest of protecting 1st Amendment rights.

  8. whatever says:

    That women holding up the sign must be all for cows in the GOP.

  9. honest anna says:

    It is very important to give people a choice in an election. However, it seems to me that working FOR your candidate rather than AGAINST the one you don’t like would be a better solution. Make your approach POSITIVE!!!

    Get out and get signatures for your candidate, have house parties, hold meet and greets in your area. Spending your time wisely will do more good for your candidate than protesting on a street corner. In fact, it seems in the long run what you will be doing is aiding any opponent of either Republican candidate.

  10. No McCain says:

    Once people become politically active, you are not always going to agree with their actions. I would rather have an informed active electorate. It is really not anyone’s place to decide what is and is not appropriate. It is that kind of thinking that got us where we are today.

  11. TheBigShmoog says:

    Well, like I said in my previous posts…most PC’s have their minds made up – like you most likely do, Honest Anna. However, the general electorate? Yeah…they go in and vote for McCain because he is merely the name they recognize as being “the Republican Senator”. They also see any other choice as a waste of their vote, because they feel that due to the party machine, McCain is going to get the nomination anyways. This rally was to show them that there are other choices, and that no one is a “given” when it comes to politics. My intention was and is to empower the registered republican voters to take a good look at the other candidates, both JD and Deakin. Should McCain win the nomination, I will support him – but until he does, he is just another candidate. When the argument comes up of the lack of support from the grassroots base? Counter is simple: McCain is still better than the tool they’re grooming (Rodney Glassman) We had to live with the “lesser of two evils” election 2 years ago, we can live with it again. (or can we?)

  12. Brian says:

    McCain is a Globalist sellout piece of trash.

  13. Jennifer Leslie says:

    Thanks to Jill for organizing and to all the attended this protest. It is about getting the word out, not being sheeple to the GOP. I wish I could have been there! If McCain can use the Lincoln Day Dinner as a campaign event, then PC’s can use it to protest.

  14. Roy Warden says:

    Lot’s of grumbling from some of you “know nothing” newbies up above.

    There is a huge difference between YOU and those of us who have been fighting Globalism, Socialism, Illegal Immigration and Amnesty for years:

    Most of us don’t sport three corner hats and otherwise wear our patriotism on our sleeves.

    Our political activism didn’t commence the day Obama was elected. It began many, many years before when you “Tea Party” people were either fast asleep, counting your 401K’s or merely grumbling.

    In any event we were active before you “Tea Party” people ever said a word.

    When Tea Parties began in late 2008 with the destruction of YOUR money, (You didn’t become active as a matter of PRINCIPLE. With Republicans it’s always about the money) various Tea Parties commenced around the country to express a grassroots populism which was fed up with government in general, incremental socialism, failure to protect the border in a post 911 era, and politics as usual.

    Subsequently; well financed Republican Partty oppratives moved in, manipulated the message, changed it from “Populism” to Republican Partisanship and co-opted the Tea Party Movement for their own.

    What YOU TEA PARTY people don’t accept is mainstream REPUBLICAN responsibility for many of the ills listed above, especially REPUBLICAN business support for “free market” principles (it was unregulated business, ie greed, which brought down the economy), Open Border Policy and the entry of twenty million or more Mexican Illegal Aliens (that was another expression of your “free market” nonsense instead of FAIR MARKET reality.

    The bottom line is this: Nixon, Reagan, the Bushs, McCain etc. are not “renegades,” or RINO’s. They all represent MAINSTREAM REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC INTERESTS BASED ON GREED AND ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION, an idea which is a cancer to America and a cancer to the Republican Party.



    The mainstream Republicans have got to learn the ugly truth about McCain: He’s finished. If they nominate him for Senator we’ll get another socialist in the fall, just like we got Obama.


    And from some of the misinformed, nasty comments expressed above, its seems some of them heard the message!

    Roy Warden

  15. No McCain says:

    Like The Big Shmoog said…

  16. Jill Arizona says:

    For everyone above who understands why it was important to protest McCain, thank you so much!!!
    Steve, as Thumper said, I did change the location of the protest when so many people who I respect thoughtfully expressed their dissatisfaction for location. However, most of those also told me they were also against McCain, so it will be interesting to see their future actions next time McCain rolls into town! And I couldn’t disagree with you more about this not being a campaign opportunity. It was a very important campaign stop for McCain!!!!!
    Honest Anna, while I respect your opinion, I also couldn’t disagree with you more. I did spend my time wisely. In fact, those who took the time to stand by my side “on a street corner” sent a statewide message louder than any house party ever could!! Now I’m “aiding an opponent”? Really, hows that? In fact, if you think that regular tactics will be able to compete with the $5 million dollars that McCain has or the hold that he has established with the GOP, you are delusional and not wanting to see the truth. It will take every one of us who know the truth about McCain’s liberal voting record rolling up our sleeves, working hard, protesting him, uniting, and showing our strength in numbers to defeat him.
    And lastly, Roy. Thumper and Peter described exactly how it did occur. First you promote my event with an email, which I will post below this reply. You falsely named the organizer of the event as the Arizona Tea Party. It was I, Jill Henderson, who organized the event, no one else. Then you said it was an open border and amnesty protest. Again, you were wrong. Never did I give you permission to slander my event in that way. So you promote it first, and then you show up to protest my protest???? What? And you got a few individuals to follow you to the Manning House because of more lies. Jeez, good job Roy. Next time, why don’t you hold your own protest instead of twisting lies and hijacking mine?
    And lastly, you say “The mainstream Republicans have got to learn the ugly truth about McCain: He’s finished. If they nominate him for Senator we’ll get another socialist in the fall, just like we got Obama.”
    That is EXACTLY why many of us protested Friday. WE made that point, not you. Hijacking other people’s ideas and trying to discredit the tea party movement makes no sense in my opinion.
    Roy’s email sent out to supposedly 1,500 people:
    From: Roy Warden (roywarden@cox.net)
    Sent: Wed 2/17/10 6:53 PM
    To: MARK GOLDSTONE (chairman@arizonataxrevolt.org)
    Attachments: 1 attachment
    image001.jpg (9.1 KB)
    McCain Support of Amnesty, Open Border Policy Challenged
    Place: Corner of Granada and Congress
    Address: 407 W. Congress Street, Tucson AZ. (Tab for Map)
    Date: Friday February 19, 2010
    Time: 5:00-7:00 pm.
    This Friday, in front of Senator John McCain’s Tucson office, the Arizona Tea Party will host a rally for Americans concerned with Arizona Open Border Policy and Senator McCain’s support for Amnesty.
    “Most Americans are still confused as to why, as a Republican, Senator McCain supports Amnesty,” said Tucson Activist Roy Warden.
    “Americans still don’t understand that thirty years ago members of the Arizona Republican Party first began the “Industrial Strength” importation of cheap Mexican labor to fuel Arizona’s construction industry.”
    For further information, please contact:
    Jill Arizona
    Notice sent to 1,500 subscribers of CSII Press

  17. Jennifer Leslie says:

    Bravo Jill! You can counted on to always work hard for conservatism and work EFFECTIVELY! You activism is an inspiration! It says alot that your political activism is a year old, but long-time ‘activists’ attempt to gravy-train off of your efforts!

  18. Roy Warden says:

    It’s almost impossible to separate Jill “Henderson” from Jill “Arizona” from the Arizona Tea Party and the Tucson Tea Party and Smart Gril Politics and the Republican Party because most of you up above are simply disgruntled Republicans who like to hide behind a variety of psuedonyms in order to
    promote the interests of mainstream Republicanism.

    You’re going to find out what the left wing already knows: Whenever you “Republicans”, no matter what you like to call yourself , show up to “rally” for this and “rally” for that I will be there to hand out literature and expose you for what you REALLY are.

    Roy Warden

  19. Peter "TheBigShmoog" Schmugge says:

    Well, Roy, since I did show up at the event with a sign that read “Republican PC 4 McCain to Quit”… yeah, I was hiding my position and and falling in-line with the “mainstream Republicans”

    I *am* a disgruntled Republican, I do NOT hide that fact. But, unlike people that chose to sit outside and throw stones, I have chosen to work *with* the Party, so that my vote, my voice, and my decisions become a part of the conversation.

    You know what a conversation is, right? First, it involves putting down the megaphone once someone disagrees with your position and not yelling over them.

    You’re just upset because after only a year, we’re doing it better, actually getting people to show up with us, getting the attention you so desperately crave.

    If you think your tactic works – keep doing it… obviously your “1500″ fans on your email list showed up because they are so willing to be associated with you.

    Yet Jill had 25 (possibly 30?) people show up when she asked people to come out.

    Continue to show up at events, that’s fine. You have a right to do so. However, all you are doing now is making enemies of the people that would have been willing to work to protect your rights. Every time you pick up that megaphone and yell at us, you’ll just distance yourself further and further from your fellow Constitutional Rights supporters. It’s called tuning-out…and we are.

    That island you are standing on is gettting smaller and smaller.

  20. Roy Warden says:


    This back and forth between us has taken on an unproductive life of it’s own, We have many, many issues for which we seek the same common solution.

    Why don’t we take this opportunity to to have a conversation regarding the contentious issues which apparently divide us? There is a lot going on behind the scene in Tucson politics. I know we can have a productive conversation.

    Can we meet at a time and place of your convenience?

    Please let me know.

    Roy Warden

  21. Yeah Jill, Time for conservatives to speak out. That is the problem right now, we have allowed Rhino’s to have an active and crucial take over slowly of our party. Now is the time before we lose everything to get these people out, regroup, and take our country back. Not only is it time for Mr McCain to retire because of obvious reasons, but it is time for energy and conservative thinking and that will bring me to a vote for JD Hayworth. The grassroots has more power than McCain can realize because he has be allowed to think he has control. It is time to rise up and really let our votes be counted for Our state, and our country. I want my Grandkids to know what America is really about. If I wanted Europe I’d move. These “progressives” have for the past century tried to make European standards ours. They seem to forget that is why our forefathers moved across and ocean in the first place. Not “One World” But, “One Country Under God”!

  22. honest anna says:

    I would like someone-anyone to give their explanation of a conservative. I don’t mean a social conservative, fiscal conservative-but an out and out conservative. What I am getting from this is that they have tunnel vision. PLEASE define a conservative. Thank you.

  23. Anna, conservatives believe in the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness afforded in the constitution,not by Man. That means knowing the history of the time and the culture of the time and as it progressed. Somewhere some liberal realized it would be for the good of ME and ther Good of the party, county or whom ever didn’t matter. All things that are no longer taught because they are not Politically Correct. I feel very Badly for the last few gereations that have missed so much quality in thier lives. Of course the Media makes conservatives look like a martian, many of us do clin g to our Bibles, Guns and ect. but the Two Living Words are brought forth from The Bible and the Constitution and when people study those they will realize what has been lost

  24. [...] And let’s not forget the original TUCSON PROTEST OF JOHN MCCAIN, when this story was written: http://www.gilacourier.com/?p=5647 [...]

  25. I love this article!! I have been reading this blog for quite sometime now, and this is my first comment. I would like to tell you that I enjoy reading this blog, and that I love thought provoking articles like this!

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