Tucson Tea Party Health Care Town Hall, update

Written by Ryan on Aug 28th, 2009.

Tucson Tea Party Health Care Town Hall, update


Update: Here is some video of the protester elbowing one of the people in attendance at the event.



Tune in to Tucson KGUN 9 and KOLD 13 TV tonight for coverage of the Tucson Tea Party Health Care Town Hall at Rincon High School. Here are pictures from the event.


A protester interupted the event.


Close up of the protest sign.


Teresa Jun of KOLD 13 interviewing Robert Mayer of the Tucson Tea Party

11 Responses for “Tucson Tea Party Health Care Town Hall, update”

  1. exdeadhead says:

    Does anybody know or anybody have a lead to find out who is that guy? It takes serious motivation (maybe provided by a serious organization) to walk into a potentially hostile situation like that.

    Who is he? What is his background? Looks kind of thuggish.

  2. RadioGlenn says:

    That guy looks familiar, cannot put a name to the face yet. Interesting how the coverage from KGUN9 and KOLD13 differ! One guy enters with a sign and the narrative switches to angy mob (KGUN9). KOLD’s coverage showed an otherwise peaceful meeting (though they did edit out the interruption).


    TEAPARTY = Trouble for america, come on guy. They are simply speaking against an administrations policy of which many disagree (myself included).

  3. kralmajales says:

    The dude clearly was touching him and was in his personal space. He was no threat to any of you, so sure…an elbow. I see the same on soccer fields and basketball courts all over America.

  4. Framer says:


    Quite frankly, you have lost all objectivity in your fantasy to have this movement be anything but what it is. This man WANTED conflict. He was doing all of those things you scream that we do (without any examples mind you) and you give him a pass? How convenient. Honestly, what has happened to you? This same thing has happened all over the country with paid Obamacare thugs using force to try to influence an argument that they are losing badly.

    If this had been a tea party person at a Giffords rally, you would have said he was looking to kill somebody. There is no objectivity whatsoever out of you anymore, which highly disappoints me, as I actually looked up to you.

    It amazes me how Obama and his administration took a such a poisonous political environment and made it even worse. I didn’t think him or anyone else capable of that.

  5. John Ranney says:

    Typical democratic shill paid and sent to disrupt. Nice try. It even came with the usual tired racial victim rap. The only angry mob was him

  6. Rachel Feuerbach says:

    Apparently his name is Chavez. I didn’t hear a first name when they talked about him on the news. Did anyone else notice the difference in the narratives between KOLD and KGUN 9? KGUN’s “reporters” sounded like a Democratic talking points memo, to me at least!

  7. Citizen Dick says:

    was that protester a dude or a chick? hard to tell.

  8. Neps says:

    kralmajales is officially this site’s troll. Since when does being in somebody’s personal space grant one license to physical assault? Kral apparently didn’t heed Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder and has gone full retard.

  9. Ken says:

    This incident could happen because it was held at a government school where self defense with the best tool available is illegal. Would this thug have entered that auditorium to disrupt and call the crowd racist if he had known many would be armed? I don’t think so. An armed society is a more polite society.

  10. Rivix says:

    He wasn’t doing anything until the guy came from behind, molesting him, touching and pinching his side and abdomen [0:02 - 0:03] (that’s the reason the poster didn’t “lighten” the video so you can’t see the intrusion). I would have elbowed him as hard as I could too and evidently, the f*** face got his message and moved away.

    * Please watch the language.

  11. Branda says:

    Molesting, touching, pinching… Run out of words did we? Or lacking some brain cells perhaps? You make the guy in the checkered shirt sound like a pervert. It’s weird.

    Some web sites claim the guy who got elbow-punched was patting the belly of Chavez/Alvarez. Huh? LOL! I’ve seen no video evidence of this. And this bizarre claim of pinching his side and abdomen? Again, I seen no video evidence of any of this. You might want to reconsider your words. If the guy is standing *behind* troublemaker, then pinching his *abdomen* (your words) might be a bit tricky.

    This is why Obama’s people are seriously frightening. They just follow marching orders. No questions required. They seem almost as fanatical about Obama and his seize-and-control policies as enemy Jihadists seizing territory. They’re so good at twisting the truth and stirring up trouble. The word agitator comes to mind.

    However, I watched the KGUN video footage. What it looks like to me is the guy (checked shirt)standing *behind* Chevez/Alvarez may have rested his hand on troublemaker’s back. To my knowledge a hand on someone’s back is not a display of aggression. Invading troublemaker’s space? No. If you want to go there with the term invasion. Wasn’t troublemaker invading a peaceful meeting. He was shouting over the speaker, preventing a relaxed and *seated* audience their right to listen. Troublemaker was clearly disturbing the peace. I too would have got up, placed my hand lightly on the guy’s back and attempted to reason with him, calm him down, steer him toward a seat. If he had something to say, he could wait his turn like everyone else. Even animals can be calmed when there is no threat of violence.

    Troublemaker clearly was not acting in self defense. He assaulted a person, and he could have been arrested for that sucker punch. And he clearly wasn’t interested in intelligent dialogue. His sole purpose was to cause trouble. And he very nearly did.

    I saw a mob of one very disturbed and disturbing man. Gabby must be so proud of him going after a room full of “racists.” (I forget what else she call us. It’s hard to keep up with all the slander from the left.)

    I don’t see how reasoning with a lunatic or fanatic is invading their space. Apparently Chavez/Alvarez is not the only lunatic. Did I see the hands of #3 and #10 just go up?

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