Photos of protest at Giffords office

Written by Ryan on Jul 17th, 2009.

Photos of protest at Giffords office

These are photos from a July 17th protest in front of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords office (AZ 8.) The local Democratic Party tried to organizing a counter protest. They went so far as to label the Tea Party an “extremist organization.” Read the details here. There were an estimated 500 to 700 people protesting against government health care and Cap and Trade. The Democrats only managed about 50 to 70 counter protesters (they were there to support Giffords) despite the fact that Tucson is a heavily Democratic city. The temperature in the shade was about 103 degrees.

Arizona Congressional District 8 is a swing seat with more registered Republicans than Democrats. The Democratic incumbent, Gabrielle Giffords, is a dependable lefty who parades around as a “moderate Blue Dog” but the Tea Party is on to her game. She is a regular vote in favor of bigger and more intrusive government. There are a few Republicans lining up to run against Giffords. Please see the District 8 section of our July 14th Congressional Reports story for more details.

People protesting government health care outside Rep. Giffords Tucson office.

The other side of the street was also filled with protesters.

Despite being in Central Tucson, only a few people showed up in support of Rep. Giffords.

They know what government health care means – Rationing.

The Pima County Democratic Party thinks this person is an “extremist.”

The best sign of the day.

A really great sign as well.

District Director Ron Barber came out to check on things.

Ronald Barber, District Director for Rep. Giffords, looked like he was not having a good day.

Dave Croteau of the Green Party. Are the Democrats sure this is all about the “far-right wing’s agenda?”

Things were getting down right bipartisan. State Reps. Matt Heinz and Frank Antenori.

Our favorite photo. The president of SUV Owners for Giffords drove this gas hog to the event and then held up a sign about going green.

24 Responses for “Photos of protest at Giffords office”

  1. Awwwwww…. poor Barber looked like he had a headache. I think a message just might have been sent yesterday. Maybe Mrs. Pink Sweater Set will actually start visiting Tucson more, during holidays and such when she can get away from that mansion in Houston.

  2. Greg Harris says:

    Another quote for the Barber photo could be “Oh no, they’re on to us.”

  3. Stewie says:

    This message was even heard in Houston.

    Getting back to the news coverage, as stated yesterday Fox 11 news had decent coverage at 9:00 although they showed footage of the lefties while talking about the righies protesting.

    Scan of the other stations’ 10:00 newscasts were interesting. Walter Cronkite’s passing and a storm scooped up a lot of air time.

    Channel 4 didn’t cover the protest but they did show a reporter playing with fresh bear poop with a stick.

    Channel 13 didn’t cover it. They did, however, have to kill nearly a minute at the end of the newscast with a montage of weather photos sent in by viewers. Slow news day, guys?

    Didn’t see it on Channel 9.

  4. Peg C. says:

    Great pics, and love all the red! I’m wearing red to my next Tea Party. Wonderful, pithy signs, too.

  5. Cecil Moon says:

    I’m not a resident of Tucson but have a large family presence there. I am encouraged by your wonderful turn-out. Congratulations!

    My favorite is the shot of Ron Barber: body language says it all.

    Yesterday was my seventh Tea Party event and I hope to see some of you in D.C. on September 12. Just jump on I-10 and join the caravan. See you all there.

    From the Missouri Ozarks,


  6. Jon Justice says:

    KGUN 9 had a small hit at the end of their broadcast but said nothing of the amount of people who protested, who had more numbers and gave more air time to those who support Giffords than the opposition.

    Videos are now up of the event.

  7. MoogieP says:

    Playing with fresh bear poop with a stick? Is that a new treatment mandated by Obamacare?

  8. Raaalph says:

    I saw it too. As they panned down I was thinking “they’re not really going to show it…..awwwwwwwwwww and then to be pushing it around with the stick to show it was fresh….

    I thought Sandy WAS their political reporter.

  9. Mike C says:

    Channel 13 and Channel 4 did have some about the protest. Channel 13 had it after the break and they had about 45 seconds of coverage.

  10. Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

    I attended the protest and even these pictures don’t do justice to the actual number of people who attended…. I’m guess there were between 1500-2000 people….

  11. ic says:

    We need a reset button to reset back to Nov. 2(?) 2008.

  12. Kyle Bennett says:


    I, and others I talked to, guessed more like 500 people (along with 50 watermelons on the left corner). They way everyone was spread out, strung along the curb half a block in each direction from each of 3 corners made it really hard to estimate, but I don’t think it could have approached 1000. Still good turnout for a fairly ad-hoc event.

    Many of those green/democrat protesters were bussed in on a decrepit old converted school bus that showed up about a quarter to 4.

  13. Downtown Denizen says:

    Gotta love all the grey-hair Medicare recipents “protesting” the health care issue… HAHAHAHA
    Go pay for it yourselves, you old coots.

  14. Adrock says:

    Great time, good turn out. I would estimate about 500-600 well informed individuals from all walks of life to about 50-60 misguided people dressed in green. Lots of approval beeps from the motorists too!

  15. I found it funny that the watermelons got very few honks in appreciation to begin with, but even the hybrid drivers (and small coffin-on-wheels) failed to honk for the ‘green earth’ crowd. They couldn’t even get the 2% of car owners out there inclined to side with them – TO SIDE WITH THEM!!!! FAIL of epic proportions!

  16. Dr. Kennible Lecter says:

    Kyle… Yeah… I never could count people… I was on the west side of Swan, north of pima, where the people seemed the thickest…

    The support of the “drive-bys” was very, very encouraging, I must say…

    This is my second tea party activity… and I will be attending others… I always have a good time… and I always meet some really good people….

  17. azcowgirl says:

    Interesting about the lack of press coverage. Not that it matters. If anything it’ll do the opposite and energize people even more! Ever notice which protests they do cover?…but they have dismal coverage of tax and healthcare protests. Hmmm…No wonder the media is losing credibility. What ever happened to accurate, balanced and fair reporting? And, the newspapers wonder why they have declining circulation. It’s not all due to the Internet!

  18. Jim Shores says:

    How many people are ill due to government mandated actions? Fluoride in our water. Poison Chemtrails in our skies, and vaccines in our bodies? The government literally makes us sick!

  19. azcowgirl says:

    Gotta luv the photo of the gas hog with gabby/obama stickers. We were driving around this week and saw a Hummer with an obama sticker. How’s that for being green. We see that all the time.

  20. Stewie says:

    Have you ever heard of flouridation, Mandrake?

    Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

    Purity of essence, baby, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m sick of the Dems, that’s for sure.

  21. Juanita Lange says:

    My husband actually tried to count the group of people in front of Gabby’s office between the parking entry and the bus stop, he got right at 100 just in that area, thus he estimated there were probably close to 400 Gifford protesters (around 5:00 PM). Today I enlarged one of the pictures of the counter-protesters’ corner and could count maybe 40. As for news coverage, Channel 4 had it on their 10:00 news and they said there were upwards of 100 people there. Their estimate was way low!

  22. eor says:

    D. D. It is to be hereafter known as the Kill Grandma bill.

  23. Jack Okie says:

    Downtown Denizen:

    Well, I’m a geezer too. So you’re saying all those huge chunks out of my paychecks were for…what? I’ll have to live a long time before I take out of Medicare / SS what I paid in. And had I the choice, I would have put those deductions into private investments in the first place. So us geezers are somehow to be criticized for using OUR money that we were forced by law to give to the government?

  24. CT says:

    I am a democrat and I want Giffords out of office!
    I don’t care who replaces her (even hitler or breshnev).
    How can I help?

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