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Written by Ro Chambeau on May 2nd, 2009.

The Tucson City Council Sleeper Cell (tasked with destroying the city) is at it again. Rob O’Dell at the Daily Star exposes this latest sneak attack today.

Now Sleeper Cell members, knowing that the state Legislature is about to severely limit their options to spread money around to their non revenue-producing special interest pet projects, are getting ready to make a quick–and they were hoping quiet–deal to encumber millions more to Glen Lyons and others for management.

This is no different than the December bond sale fiasco or the quick $3M siphon to Mission Gardens. It is also no different than someone who knows they are about to file for bankruptcy running around maxing out every credit card they have because they know the easy money with no responsibility is about to end.

The Rio Nuevo board is going to meet Monday in a closed session to discuss their options for possibly hiring a new manager. This is really odd because on April 5th, less than one month ago, Councilwomen Karin Uhlich and Regina “Jiffy Lube” Romero said

“That is why we are pushing for increased transparency and accountability…”

The council will hold quarterly public hearings on Rio Nuevo, which should begin in the next quarter. We also called for more regular, well-publicized meetings of the Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District Board, the multi-jurisdiction governing body established by state statute to help guide redevelopment efforts.”

Doesn’t a closed meeting amount to less transparency? Maybe “well publicized” means that if the paper finds out about it then they’ll tell the citizens.

The bottom line is that the liberals downtown, both elected and non elected, want no part of using the TIF revenue for revenue producing projects. They want it as an adjunct to the general fund so that they can spread it around to all of their special interest constituencies thus helping their own re-election efforts and continuing their “cloth” gigs.

One thing that is heartening to see in today’s article is the clear wedge that is strengthening between Councilman Glassman and Councilwoman Uhlich. This is a developing issue that emerged a few months ago and is promising to become a really good food fight unless Glassman runs away from the city council to another office.

Finally, Uhlich entertained the Star’s readers with a little tap dancing:

The board is working collaboratively with the Legislature to make the right moves, said Councilwoman Karin Uhlich. She said she would not “hypothesize” whether she would support Lyons heading Rio Nuevo.

Feel free to take a stand on something, Councilwoman Uhlich. Reading the quotes from Antenori and Paton in the article, there are at least two people in the Legislature that do not view these developments as “working collaboratively” with them.

2 Responses for “Rio Nuevo”

  1. x4mr says:

    We saw this coming.

    This is essentially cloth distilled, the arrogant cash grab on the part of the connected to go “Ka-ching!” at the cloth trough.

    Did you see the part about working to insure that Lyons gets paid “even if he’s fired”? The Cloth serve each other. It’s quite the orgy, and Tucson pays the tab.

  2. Ro Chambeau says:

    Comment above from the person who coined the term “cloth”.

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