Republican Professional’s “Spin-Off” Off To Dubious Start

Written by Cameron on May 14th, 2009.

We have briefly touched on the split that has been occurring within the Republican Professionals group.  Its too bad because the group was on a roll and drawing big crowds.  Now, one of the founders is setting out on his own and taking some of the group’s members with him.  He also appears to be borrowing the name, as his new group is currently called Republican Professionals – Politics On The Rocks.  He claims that the Republican Professionals are “relaunching” as Politics on the Rocks, which is news to the Republican Professionals, who are not only not relaunching, but are holding their monthly meeting this Saturday with an event coordinated with the NRA’s National Convention.  Information on that meeting is here.  Expect to see lots of national gun folks and NRA fans in attendance.

Meanwhile, at the kickoff event for the spin-off, the new Politics on the Rocks crew is pursuing a decidedly bipartisan approach, as they are promoting one of their featured speakers – “a libertarian candidate in CD-5″.  You remember CD-5 don’t you?  That’s the heavily GOP seat that is currently occupied by Democrat Harry Mitchell.  Its a top target for both the state and national GOP, so we have to scratch our heads and wonder at the thought process of a “Republican” group featuring someone who intends to take support from the GOP nominee.  If that is how they are kicking things off, we have to wonder how long before Harry Mitchell himself gets to speak and the entire effort ends up on the rocks?

15 Responses for “Republican Professional’s “Spin-Off” Off To Dubious Start”

  1. CD5 GOPer says:

    Great, now we’ve got Republicans campaigning for Libertarians? Who is in this new group? There’s a guy named Jensen and some girl who works for Andrew Thomas. What do they have against the GOP and/or David Schweikert?

  2. Hunter says:

    Who has time to read through the stuff at Political Mafioso? I’m sure whoever did the layout thinks it’s great. I say cut the drama and get to the point. The fonts, colors, and spacing are all designed for someone who likes to revel in that stuff (That is, someone who doesn’t have a life.) and very annoying for most people.

    Plus, Political Mafioso is notorious for running smear campaigns that are only sometimes supported by real facts. Even when facts supplied are real, they don’t always support the smear being asserted.

    Maybe UF is correct, but I wouldn’t depend on Political Mafioso to prove or disprove it.

  3. CD5 GOPer says:

    When someone uses a fake name that calls himself “Fullashit” refers folks to Political Mafiioso for “the truth”, I don’t imagine that’s going to be too reliable a source. Mafioso hates Pullen and his folks, so seeing an ugly hit piece on his site is no surprise. Now I’m with Hunter, because I can’t read all of those different colors and fonts. But what I did read doesn’t match up with what I’ve read on this and other sites. I think GIla Courier and the others have a lot more credibility than Mafioso. Plus, facts ARE stubborn things. No Republican group worth its salt features non-Republican candidates who are challenging Republicans. We need to win that seat back, regardless of what this new group or Mafioso wants.

  4. Tony GOPrano says:

    Nice try CQ! We don’t hate Pullen. We post many items from the AZ GOP, much more than your blog does. Facts are facts! Dispute one thing from our article. We have seen the documents. Keep it up and I am sure the people involved will post them.

  5. CD5 GOPer says:

    Who is CQ and what does he have to do with you hating Pullen? The last story I saw on the Mafioso website was savaging Randy Pullen as a racist cracker while suggesting a resolution that the GOP change its name to the FOS “Full of Sh*t” party”. Pretty hateful and ugly stuff. Hey wait, an FOS resolution and a poster here whose last name is also FOS? Say hey “Tony”, how many aliases are you using on this site? I detect a theme. Or are there two of you and you both are actually FOS?

    And I don’t have a blog, so if you’re posting more AZGOP things on your blog than on mine, that really isn’t much of an accomplishment. I like blogs, but I travel way too much to ever be able to keep up with one. And I can’t imagine coming up with enough stuff to fill one up. Maybe that’s why you post such outrageous and ugly stuff? Are you out of good or positive ideas?

  6. CapCom says:

    The turnout at the Republican Professionals’ Thursday night “Politics on The Rocks” event was good. It was as big a turnout as most of the previous Republican Professionals events. Many of the regular attendees were there including Barry Goldwater Jr. The main speaker was Andy Thomas. So focusing on the fact that a long shot Libertarian also spoke (which I don’t think is a first) while ignoring that Thomas spoke is kind of amusing. It was hardly a “dubious” start.

    And if the Jensen lead Republican Professionals is the “new” one or the “spin off”, then why did Dial, Ducharme, & Co. have to incorporate a new organization? You don’t have to read Mafioso to know that Dial and Ducharme are the ones starting the spin off/coup to begin with.

    Also, remember that the name of the organization is Republican Professionals. The second word in the organizations name, Professionals, counts as much as the first, if not more. This isn’t just some political hack club. It’s a networking group for professionals who are also Republican or conservative. An organization for professionals demands professional conduct from its leadership. Alleged unprofessional behavior on the part of Dial and Ducharme is what is said to have initiated the split.

  7. Southern AZ Rocks says:

    My invite from the spin-off group claimed that they were “re-launching” under the new name. That’s Jensen’s group. The other group (I guess that is Dial and Ducarme?) is still Republican Professionals. No name change there, so not a spin-off?

    Glad they had Republican speakers there too, but I’d consider the point about inviting Libertarian candidates to a “Republican” event still valid. That’s not what good Republican groups do.

  8. CD5 GOPer says:

    Dude, the only reason Andy Thomas spoke there was because Charles Jensen’s new girlfriend works in his office. And you shouldn’t be surprised that turnout is about the same, because they use the usual email/Facebook lists to reach the same audience about an event being held at the usual time and usual place. I’d have been surprised if they didn’t have the usual turnout. But I really don’t care about all of that. I’m tired of Republicans sucking up to Libertarians and showing them love when the Libertarians go back to their own little groups and bad-mouth us as “indistinguishable” from the Democrats. If you want to call yourself a Republican group, don’t invite Democrats, Greens, or Libertarians. Invite Republicans and ONLY Republicans.

  9. If Republicans had all the answers there wouldn’t be a Democratic president and majority Democratic federal congress. If the Republican party doesn’t care about learning from getting stomped in the 2008 elections that is fine but I have a feeling that Republicans can learn from Libertarians.

  10. CapCom says:

    I’ll say it again. The group’s name is Republican Professionals not Professional Republicans. It’s a professional networking group first and foremost. Their slogan is “Where Professionals go to Network”. The mission statement of the group has been: “The purpose of the Republican Professionals is to link like-minded professionals together in a monthly happy hour where they can network, socialize, and hear directly from prominent politicians and successful business leaders” (notably Ducharme and Dial changed the mission statement for their “faction” after they hijacked the .org website). Saying that a networking event should be limited strictly to registered Republicans is pretty stupid.

    “CD 5 goper” is frankly giving the libertarian guy almost as much or more time talking about him here as the guy spoke the other night. A two minute speech about the merits of capitalism and free markets isn’t going to make the difference in the CD5 race. I don’t even remember the guy’s name. Although I do remember that he was a professional and a small businessman. Like Thane said we might learn something from a successful small businessman or two if we want to win back Congress and the White House.

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