Smartphone buying guide

Choosing which smartphone to buy, can be quite a challenge. There are many factors that you have to consider if you want to get the most suitable one based on your needs. You should do research and shop around before making the purchase. Some of the top considerations to make are highlighted below.

Top factors to consider


The design of the device should be appealing to you. Among the top considerations in relation to design is the size of the device. Larger phones will have larger screens for a great viewing experience, but make it difficult to type using one hand. It might also not fit well in your pocket. Other design considerations to make include color, weight, home button type, power button position, and material used for the casing among many others.


The processing power of the smartphone is another main consideration to make. This is because it will determine the types of applications that the device can handle as well as the speed of operation. This mostly applies to those who enjoy gaming on the phone. You should check the RAM size as well, as it also plays a part in determining the multitasking ability of the device.

Memory capacity

Check the memory capacity of the device before making the purchase. It determines the amount of data that you will be able to store on the local device memory. A higher memory capacity should be a priority, particularly to those who enjoy multimedia and gaming. This is because the smartphone games and multimedia files such as videos and images usually consume a lot of space. You can also check if the device supports the use of SD card, which increases the memory capacity that you will be able to work with.


fkyuttfrkydrjtygThe camera is considered among the best-selling features of smartphones. You need to ensure that the camera has satisfactory specifications based on your needs. Among the specifications to check include resolution, shutter speed, and frame rate among others. You can also consider the type and quality of flash, and the image processing software. All these apply to both the front and the rear camera.


The capacity of the battery that comes with your smartphone will determine how long you will be able to use it before having to recharge it. Choose a smartphone with high battery capacity to ensure that you will not have to charge often. You can also consider the charging technology used. Flash charge and wireless charging are some of the current technologies to check out.…


How to get better in sports

Many people engage in sports, as a career as well as for leisure. There are many factors which may influence the performance of an individual in sports. This means that there are many factors which you can influence to make yourself better at the sports you love. Below are a few measures to take, which will leave both your teammates and opponents amazed by your abilities.

Tips to become a better sportsperson

Practice hard

Well, the most obvious way to improve your performance is to put a lot of dedication into practice. This simply means doing the moves and tactics that you would wish to do in the game. You can come up with a schedule that you will use for practice. Your current form will determine how many times you will have to train per week, and how long each session should take. It is also a wise idea to seek the services of a trainer to assist you. He will ensure that you do everything right and in the most effective way. This is a great recommendation particularly to those who play sports as a career or wish to do so in the future. You can consider it as an investment that will definitely pay.

Work out regularly

Working out is a little bit different from practicing, in that working out is simply meant to improve your fitness level. The gym is the best place to work out from, as it offers you all the facilities and equipment that you may need for an effective workout. The type of workout that you should do will be determined by the sports that you are into, and perhaps even the position that you play. If you play basketball, for example, it would be a good idea to do exercises that will increase your vertical leap. Being physically fit also means that you will be more agile, which comes in handy in sports. You will also be able to play for a longer time without being exhausted.

Improve your mental health

Your mental health can greatly affect your performance in sports. If you are stressed out, for example, you will have a difficult time concentrating during the game, which results in poor performance. There are many ways to improve mental health, which you can easily implement on your own. In case the condition is serious, you can consider seeing a professional for assistance.


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Steve Yarbrough joins Weiers and Adams in contest to be Speaker

September 12th, 2008
Arizona Capital Times has a lengthy article detailing the contest for Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives. Kirk Adams of District 19 in Mesa has long been interested in being Speaker. He has a pretty conservative record and is running for the speakership on a platform making the house a more effective branch of government. The Capital Times outlines some of his changes here:

To reverse the course that has seen Democratic budgets two years in a row, he is proposing placing policy above politics, decentralizing power from the speaker’s office and utilizing the resources within the caucus. Relying on the status quo, he said, won’t make the Republican-controlled House a co-equal branch of government.

Current Speaker, Jim Weiers, is from District 10 in NW Phoenix. His platform is simple. He has the experience. Here is what he told the Capital Times:

That experience will be even more paramount, Weiers said, given that legislators are staring into the face of a third consecutive budget deficit, and possibly another one in the following year. He touted his experience in addressing shortfalls, dating back to his first stint as speaker when lawmakers faced budget crunch after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Steve Yarbrough of Chandler/Queen Creek District 21 is running on a similar sounding platform as Adams. According to house rules the two top vote getters will face off against each other so it is not possible for Weiers to know off the two competitors in a single ballot where the reformers split the vote.

If Weiers loses his bid for another term, he will be denied a truly conservative Republican caucus (if the Republicans succeed in holding most of their seats and keeping the majority.) Given the budgets of the last few years and the influx of new candidates in the house, the Republicans may vote for something different.

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Zerull now ahead by 50 votes

September 7th, 2008
There are updated numbers for the nail biter in District 26 as of Sunday, September 7 at 4:22 pm. Marilyn Zerull is now winning the second place slot by 50 votes over her fellow Republican Trent Humphries. All of the updates since the initial numbers on election night have gone here way. It looks like Marilyn will join Vic Williams on the Republican ticket for District 26 house.

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The Arizona Right Report tonight

September 7th, 2008
The Arizona Right Report will be on this Sunday from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. Listen at KFNX 1100 am or stream live over the internet at The Arizona Right Report web site.

Tonight’s lineup focuses on the state legislature. Guests scheduled for Sunday, September 7th are:

Representative John McComish, LD 20
Senate candidate Al Melvin, LD 26
House candidate Frank Antenori, LD 30
House candidate Steve Montenegro, LD 12
Representative Jerry Weiers, LD 12
House candidate Jeff Dial, LD 20

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Zerull now ahead of Humphries

September 5th, 2008
Update – The Arizona Daily Star covers the story. Their figures are slightly out of date, as Zerull is now 42 votes ahead of Humphries.

Update – According to the latest numbers posted at azsos.gov as of Friday 9:01 pm, Zerull is now 42 votes ahead of Humphries for the second slot.

Sonoran Alliance is reporting that Marilyn Zerull is now 10 votes ahead of Trent Humphries in the District 26 Republican house primary.

At this time there does not appear to be any other changes out of Southern Arizona. Al Melvin is currently ahead of Pete Hershberger by 1,121 in the District 26 Senate primary. In District 30 Republican Frank Antenori has pulled further ahead of Doug Sposito and is now in second place by 458 votes.

Democrat …